Saturday, July 12, 2008

So while I was up at Washington pass, I got hit by a rock a little
bigger than a grapefruit. It was party inflicted from a few
switchbacks up the trail. It came rocketing down and hit me hard
enough that it knocked me down, even though I was standing on the ankle that it hit. I
hobbled out for a mile and a half down the steeper part of the trail
( on the descent from south early winter spire) but then the
instructor of the course decided (widely) that I shouldn't be putting
weight on it and gave me a piggyback ride the rest of the rest of the
two miles. Ian, I am eternally grateful!!!!! Once I got home, I had to
teach a 4 day rock class, where I had to hike around a mile each day.
That wasn't doing it any good though, so on Wednesday I went to get x-
rays. Nothing was obviously broken , but they did pick up some blood
pooling up on my tibia, not to mention a lot of soft tissue slush (a
technical term). The pain continued to double daily though, so back I
went for more xrays. Still nothing other than the tibial hematoma
showing up on the x ray, so that's good, but now they've got me
wrapping my ankle all special, icing it a whole bunch, and walking
around on crutches for a week. Never fear, though. I should be back
in action soon enough. I've just got to make it to Thursday, my next
day off.

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