Thursday, April 24, 2008


I've now got my very own pair of tele skis. I've been skinning up Hyak a few times, and I love my skis! They're light, stiff, carvy, and have an uber low swing weight, which comes in handy saving my ass from gnar wipeouts! I got some great pictures! I did a aerial flip the other day when by tips sunk and stuck into the semi-consolidated base. lol. I lost the corners to a couple of fingers and dribbled people juice all the way back to the car. but, on a lighter note, I think I've found me some tele boots! We'll see in a couple of days...

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The plan

Here's what I've got so far!!! And it's always changing... I'm looking for internships with guiding companies for February-April, or even June. The only company that's offered so far is Passages NW, but they're looking for someone in the summer. Any other ideas?

I'll be teaching rock climbing:
-June 23-27
-July 7-11
-July 14-18

13 day mountaineering course (tentative)
-August 16-28

W-EMT course
-October 20-Nov 14

Chicks with Picks clininc (tentative)

Why this blog exists

Ok, with fifteen months of living out of my car ahead of me, mostly unplanned, without a dedicated road-buddy, I had to figure out how to keep family, and friends, both new and old, connected and updated on my progress and whereabouts. The blog was the idea of Lynette, a fantastic woman, and yoga instructor exra-ordinare. She figured that this would be a darned good way to go about it. I think she's right too! So far so good.  And while I haven't actually set out yet,  that will soon change, and with it, my entire way of life.  I hope that this blog will keep all of my dear posse up to date on what I'm up to, how I'm doing, and my train of thought.  Feel free to email me with questions or suggestions as to how I can do this better.