Wednesday, July 9, 2008


So on my way down from South Early Winter Spire on Monday, I got whacked down via a grapefruit sized rock to the ankle bone. It's been hurting to weight it and throbbing since, so I finally took it in for x-rays tonight. All the bones are in the right number of pieces, but the rock did a pretty good job of contusing all of the local tissues as well as gifting me a fatty hematoma on the medial side of my tibia. But I've got to keep working, so I've been hobbling and wobbling my way around, still trying to teach rock climbing. Dos mas days. Then I'll spend the weekend and first half of next week at Passages, sorting food, sending groups out, and checking gear back in. No rest for the bummin' ankle. The crux'll be trying to ice it every 30 min for the next few days as per doctor's orders.

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