Tuesday, March 31, 2009


The bitchin-est adventures so far has been my two months in Ouray, CO. I had applied for a scholarship to Chicks with Picks at Bree's suggestion, and I won, so that meant 3 days in Ouray. I had remembered something about an ice festival though, so I got set to do do both. I figured I should look up when the ice fest was, I thought it was pretty close, but it was three weeks away. I decided to go for both. I emailed Mike to see if he had any beta on where to camp out, and if there was enough to do outside of the ice park to merit a 3 week vacation. Turns out, he was going to be there for the winter, and offered me a place to stay. Perfect! We split rent on a two bedroom apartment right in town, a 15 minute walk from the ice park. Two awesome Scotts lived with us for the first three weeks. James and Finley are amazing climbers!! Fin and I snuck the Scottish flag into the ice festival and tied it on with rubber hair bands. The Chicks with Picks clinic was awesome too. I climbed with Kitty Calhoun! My whole stay in CO was inspiring and motivating. It seemed like everday, I met someone I'd read about. And every Wednesday night, the coolest kids in town met back at Mark and Tyler's house north of town for "family night". I'd always bring cookies, except for one week when I made pie. It caught on fire. But it turned out fine 'cause I just scraped the burned top layer off. It was still delicious. I ended up with strong arms and a lot of great stories. Next time we meet, I'll tell a few more.

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